Killer Tendencies is influenced by killer instincts, grit, martial arts, extreme sports, and not giving a fuck about the opinions of sheep. It is geared towards those with the passion to pursue their dreams and never give up.

Our brand is heavily influenced by the idea of fight or flight. When faced with challenges, we humans tend to panic. Our brains do everything they can to keep us safe and alive. When we’re afraid, it sends us the signal to either flight or fight. We say Fight!

Killer Tendencies is more than a brand it's a way of life. It is for the people who seek to fulfill their fullest potential. For the people that don't give up easily. For the people that don't run away from the first sign of trouble. They take the hits and they keep going. They Fight. It is about fighting not running away. It's about kill or be killed. It's about the warrior inside all of us that wants us to do better, be better, and keep moving forward and to never back down even when the odds are against us.

Because we are the people that fight for what we want. We might fall, but we will get back up and keep going. We don't care what you think about us. We sweat. we bleed. we work hard and we win.